Zontes GK350

350 GK Roadster/Retro Petrol Manual (39 bhp)


250 miles
Body Type
Fuel Type
Chain Drive
Engine Power
39 bhp


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The full virtual HD HB TFT full colour LCD IPS panel has four available display styles. It boasts functions such as interconnection with mobile phones, navigation screen sharing, screen mirroring, Bluetooth music, phone answering, and automatic adjustment of backlight. It can also monitor driving data, vehicle faults, tyre temperature and air pressure; all in real time to ensure rider safety.

Auto-level LED light source is used, with a natural and soft colour temperature. The aluminum alloy die-casting headlamp rear shell significantly improves heat dissipation efficiency, to achieve a brighter illumination field, smaller light decay and longer service life. Bright LED tail-light, stop light and indicators, ensure other road users see you and note your intentions, improving rider safety.

43mm USD forks with strong rigidity, significantly improve control over the motorcycle and ensure smooth riding on the road. The center-mount rear mono-shock absorber utilises a high-pressure nitrogen cylinder, 50mm damper body, oversized piston, and high specification internals, so as to respond quickly, effectively absorb vibration caused by small bumps in the road and provides stronger support on rough roads. It is set with a small amount of preload and large rear wheel stroke, improving riding comfort and avoiding fatigue during long rides.

Imported from Germany, the TPMS is an accurate device reporting important information to the rider continuously via the main display. Warning alerts appear for low pressure, over inflation and rapid deflation, as well as loss of communication with the wheel sensors. The rider can constantly see the tyre pressure and temperature in both wheels and is alerted when the battery in either sensor runs low. Correct tyre pressures not only ensure safe operation, but also obtain maximum duration from the tyre life and optimum handling from the bike.

The 350cc engine has a high compression ratio of 12.3:1 which generates a power output of 29kW/32.8N.m from very low fuel consumption. The development trend and advances in technology of internal combustion engines, sees high compression ratio engines characterised by fuel-saving, environmental protection, and high performance. To be successfully in the use of high compression ratio technology, it is necessary to overcome the technical difficulties in engine material, molding process, structural design and other aspects that are different from the ordinary traditional engines.

Technical Specification